Website Design Mistakes That Can Cost Conversions

Website Design Mistakes That Can Cost Conversions

When designing your website with the help of a website design company, there are many things you should avoid. It is crucial to provide your website visitors with a positive first impression, and you should outline the main things you should do to avoid making these mistakes. This article will cover seven website design mistakes that can seriously hurt your conversion rates and how to fix them. These mistakes include:

Not focusing on user needs:

If you want your website to be successful, you must focus on the needs of your users. You will not be able to convert more visitors if your website lacks important features to keep your visitors engaged. The most important thing is to offer them an enjoyable experience. To do this, you need to conduct user research and understand your audience’s needs. You can take advantage of hiring professional services to help you with this process.

Too many images:

High-resolution images can detract from the effectiveness of your website and can negatively impact its SEO rankings. If your website is too slow to load, your visitors may leave, which will hurt your conversions. To help prevent this, keep images to a minimum, under 1 MB in size. If your site is slow to load, you can use Google’s free website speed analyzer to determine where to reduce image file sizes.

Too much clutter:

Too much clutter in website design can cause visitors to click away from your site. If there are too many colors, fonts, or images, it will distract them from your intended message. It is also important to remember that more space does not equal more content. For example, too many buttons or menus are less attractive than a clean design. And if you have too many ads, visitors may click away to other websites.

Not eliminate unnecessary elements:

If you want to save the conversation, eliminate the extra elements from your website design. Unnecessary elements take up space and can overwhelm your visitors. According to the experts, you should use at most five different colors on your site and keep the font size and typefaces simple, clear, and legible. One common rule of thumb is to use no more than three different size and typeface combinations.

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