Update Kode Redeem FF 4 Oktober 2020 Paling Baru, Buruan Redeem Kuy!

Kode Redeem FF 4 Oktober 2020 – REDEEM CODE FF October 2020, How to Redeem Free Fire Redeem Codes to Prize Spin to Diamond Events

The following is a list of the latest Free Fire redeem codes for October 2020, there are spin events, diamond prizes and also Hayato Bobble Head.

In addition, there is also a spin event, with diamond prizes and also Hayato Bobble Head prizes, let’s claim it now.

The redeem code is a code that can be exchanged for various prizes that are most sought after by Free fire players.

Use this October 1 redeem code to get prizes in the form of Skin Weapons or Bundles of up to various characters.

There is good news for those of you who of course have been waiting for the newest Spin event.

This spin event will take place from 25 September 2020 to 1 October 2020, the last day today.

Get a chance to win a Queen Boxer Bundle prize and also as much as 9,999 Diamonds by just Spinning.

Diamond Price per Spin:

-1x normal with Spin: 20

-10x normal with Spin: 180

-1x special with Spin: 30 (chance to get double grand prize)

The prizes that you will get will go directly to the Vault / Collection.

For information about the October 1 redeem code now, see this article until the end.

Following are the Conditions Regarding the Free Fire Redeem Code:

1. The Free Fire Redeem code consists of 12 digit letters and numbers, so Free Fire FF is a combination or combination of capital letters and numbers totaling 12 digits.

2. Each redeem code has an expiration date.

This means that for one FF redeem code, of course there is a limit for the exchange.

3. The redeem code for each country server is different.

This means, of course, you cannot use other countries’ redeem codes.

So, the FF redeem code corresponds to the region of the country when registering the FF account.

4. FF redeem code released with an uncertain period of time.

It could be that in one month there are several FF redeem codes and it may also not exist.

5. The redeem code that cannot be used is usually expired.

The following is the Redeem Code Redemption Tutorial:

1. The first step is to visit the official page of FF Garena reward redemption, click HERE.

2. The second step is to log in with your FB, Google, Huawei, VK account, according to your FF account.

3. The third step is to enter the redeem code that you have.

4. The next step select confirm.

5. If the code is successfully redeemed, there will be a notification and the prize will go directly to the email (in game)

October 2020 redeem code

For the redeem code this October, we are unable to confirm whether you can exchange it or not, to be able to prove it, you can try the following redeem code on your respective ff account!


You can only exchange the redeem code from this Malaysian server using a VPN.



UEHM – P9L2-2B3J.

7859 – 2BAC – SWAS



7859 – 2X97 – HEQ3








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