Types of Numbing Creams - Choose the Best When Getting a Tattoo

Types of Numbing Creams – Choose the Best When Getting a Tattoo

There are many options for numbing your skin before a tattoo. Tattoo artists use various brands of numbing creams, and tattoo customers may review them before purchasing them. Most numbing products are not expensive, but this does not mean that you should always go for the cheapest one. Buying the most affordable one might affect the quality of the numbing tattoo cream you use. Read this article to buy the best tattoo numbing cream.

Lidocaine Blue Gel:

When choosing a numbing cream for your tattoo, make sure you choose one that’s approved for broken skin. This numbing tattoo spray can be applied to the area before the tattoo session, but it doesn’t take effect until five minutes after application. Lidocaine Blue Gel is also not recommended for use on intact skin, as it will make the tattoo artist’s job more difficult. Make sure to follow the manufacturers’ instructions for application. Many people use the product for 45 minutes to an hour before tattooing, but overuse will hurt the skin’s ability to absorb the ink.


If you’re thinking about getting a new tattoo, you may be wondering which numbing cream is the best. Zensa tattoo numbing cream is water-based and has a balanced ph. It contains 5% lidocaine, perfect for sensitive areas during the tattooing process. The product also contains Vitamin E, which provides antioxidants and ensures a faster healing process. Because it is water-based and pH-balanced, you won’t experience any redness or irritation. Thousands of tattoo artists have approved the Zensa numbing cream for its effectiveness.


If you’re about to get a tattoo, you probably want to find the best tattoo numbing cream. You’ll want a product that doesn’t contain alcohol or other harsh chemicals. You’ll also want to look for vegan, all-natural, or cruelty-free ingredients. The wrong numbing cream can affect the quality of the tattoo and the ink itself. It can also cause some unwanted side effects, such as tingling or burning in the area of application.

Dr. Numb:

This numbing tattoo cream is made from 100% cream, making it comfortable for the tattoo maker and the patient. Unlike oil-based ointments, Dr. Numbs tattoo numbing cream has a silky, comfortable feeling. It contains Vitamin E, which fights irritation and itching and promotes faster skin recovery. It’s also available in travel size, making it easy to bring along on vacation.

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