Examining the Advantages of Laser Cutting

Examining the Advantages of Laser Cutting

CNC laser cutting is an excellent option for any industrial or commercial application, as it produces high-quality cuts and doesn’t require extensive secondary processing. However, this type of cutting can result in work-hardened edges, which is problematic for some applications. Laser-cut parts will also need additional surface treatment, increasing overall processing costs and turnaround time. CNC laser cutting machines can also adapt to various reflective surfaces, including plastic, aluminum, and steel.

Reduces mechanical distortion:

CNC laser cutting machines use two optical components: moving mirrors and movable workpieces. The cutting surface remains stationary with moving mirrors while the workpiece moves mechanically under the stationary beam. The advantages of this type of optical component are uniform standoff distance and fewer optical components. In addition, the moving mirrors have fewer optical components than stationary ones. These optical components are also slower to change than stationary laser cutting machines.

Reduces material contamination:

CNC laser cutting machines reduce material contamination during the cutting process. Optical lenses on the laser system are a common cause of material contamination. Regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary to minimize the amount of cutting effluent. Cleaning the lens also helps minimize the risks of mechanical distortion and contamination of the parts. The following tips will help you reduce the chances of material contamination and improve the quality of the results produced by your CNC laser cutting machine.

Reduces cost:

One of the biggest costs of a CNC laser cutting machine is upkeep. This is essential for the safety of the cutting equipment and the work area. Performing regular upkeep on your own is time-consuming and expensive. Outsourcing this task to skilled workers familiar with the best practices of laser cutting is a cost-effective solution. Moreover, these professionals will likely keep your cutting equipment in good working order.

Adapts to any reflective surface:

CNC laser cutting machines can adapt to various reflective surfaces and cut panels to create intricate designs. This is because of the tapered shape of the laser beam. The laser beam can adapt to any reflective material, including mirrors and glass. This type of machine is widely used in metal finishing. Its high-precision cutting slit is ideal for work on large-scale metal structures and bright-surfaced surfaces.

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