Weight Losing Tips

Weight Losing Tips - Just pick up any health magazine and you will find numerous weight losing tips. The problem is the effectiveness of these weight losing tips. You never know how effective they are for your body. Some magazine says that you tend to lose weight by drinking green tea or having regular walk in the morning. Some dietician goes to an extent of suggesting beer drinking as an option to lose weight.

Weight Losing Tips

This is for sure that you cannot hasten your weigh losing process.' The weight losing mechanism will take its own time. However the only thing you can do is to make sure that you have chosen the correct process and this does not take more time than it should. Bally Chohan Fitness would like to share with reader few tested tricks that will certainly help you in losing weight.

First and foremost you should be aware of exactly what needs to be done i.e. how overweight you are and what is your BMI i.e. Body Mass Index. You can also contact your dietician and check the parameters needed but make sure to have your chart ready with your targeted weight lose figure ready. The weight lose program will be more effective if the figures you have on paper for your Body Mass Index, your extra weight etc ready.

Next thing to focus on is correct diet plan. No need to cut on what you like most. No needs to change your diet plan altogether just stick to whatever you eat. However make sure to follow simple rules:

-''''''''' Never ever overeat. Just eat in small portions.

-''''''''' Try and reduce intake of salt as much as possible

-''''''''' Deep Fried food is strictly no. Don't include deep fried food in your daily diet chart.

-''''''''' Just say no to junk food. Junk food will make your weight lose process difficult.

-''''''''' Drinking water is the best medicine for losing weight. Drink as much water as possible.

-''''''''' No need to indulge in senseless drinking and eating.

No need to sacrifice your early morning sleep for your exercise. There is no hard and fast rule that you should exercise early in the morning. This is entirely up to you. Just chose whatever time suits you. You just have to make sure that whatever time you chose is best for you and you will be regular to hit gym during that time daily.

Make sure to have stock of healthy food ready in your refrigerator before you even start thinking in terms of losing weight. Well begun is half done? You must make sure that all junk and fried food is out of your kitchen.

Include as much as possible the quantity of fruits and green vegetables in your daily meal. Green vegetables and fruits are essentials for your daily routine.

Try and avoid drinking aerated drinks as much as possible.

Balance your exercise with cardio and weights. Cardio and Weights both are equally important for your weight lose program. However you must limit your exercise time to less than one hour daily. No need to put extra pressure on your body.

Good Luck and enjoy your exercise.

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