Tips For Glowing Skin

Glowing and flawless skin is every girls dream. While visiting to the skin specialists and dermatologists everyone have similar questions which need a satisfying answer. Everyone wants to get rid of pimples, zits, baggy eyes, dark spots or dark circles. Different problems are associated with different types of skins.

Tips For Glowing Skin

After doing surveys, we have come across some most frequent question being asked by the people all over the globe.

1. Why dry skin gets itchy sometime?

2. Why oily skin is most prone to pimples?

3. What causes acnes?

4. How to treat sunburned area to remove tanning?

Answers to all the above mentioned questions are a full package of a clear and flawless skin. A skin which is neither oily nor dry is a god gifted skin and should be taken care with regular cleansing and toning.

In today's blog we have added some foods that can do miracles to your skin problems. Everything you eat is directly or indirectly reflected on your skin.

Here's a list of awesome food for glowing skin:-

1> Nuts:' Eating nuts like walnuts and almonds acts as a very essential ingredient to get healthy, younger and smoother skin. Vitamin E and fats present in these fruits helps in keeping skin hydrated as well as protecting our skin from harmful UV rays. Dry fruits also act as a guard against skin cancer disease. Intake of nuts results into great hair and sharper memory.

2> Dark Chocolate:' Dark chocolate is a great contributor to our physical and emotional well-being. Dark chocolate is rich in anti-oxidants, which actually helps in giving glowing and soft skin. Daily consumption of it makes you look younger than your actual age by relaxing the arteries and increasing blood circulation.

3> Papaya:' Papaya is a versatile fruit with so many benefits. Apart from its weight lose strategy; the Vitamin C presented in it is really acted as a true skin tonner for damaged skin cased by harmful UV rays. It helps in recovering from damaged cells and nourishing the healthy ones. Papaya is a very juicy and tasty fruit and can be eaten as a salad to get transported straight to the tropical isles.

4> Tomato:' One of the most easily available fruit cum vegetable in every kitchen is the best ant-aging oxidants which give very finest results in reducing the damage caused by the UV rays. It is most beneficial when eaten as raw unlike cooked.

Daily usage of all the above mentioned foods helps in fighting with all your problems. Although it takes time but it is resulted in forever stay touch.

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