How To Choose The Right Affiliate Program

How To Choose The Right Affiliate Program - Perhaps the most important part about getting started with affiliate marketing is finding the right merchants. The whole philosophy behind affiliate marketing is to find products that are excellent in value and the ones that actually sell. I would recommend your chosen product to have both characteristics so you can provide value and earn commissions at the same time.

How To Choose The Right Affiliate Program

There are many affiliate networks out there that claim they have the best merchants. There is'CJ,'LinkShare,'Shareasale'and'Clickbank. But in general you want to find merchants that are in your niche and have the best conversion rates. Joining all these networks will allow you to find two or more affiliate networks in almost any niche.

One you know your niche and find the merchant that you would like to work with, you need to start testing. Get a URL redirection script (e.g. Short URL) and convert your affiliate links to shorter trackable links. That way you can figure out how well your clicks are converting. Also, don't forget to calculate the EPC for your offers.

Basically, you want to know how much money you are earning per 100 clicks on average. If you are not earning more than your spending on your clicks, then you either have to tweak your landing page or find a new merchant. Many merchants don't have optimized sales processes, so you need to identify those and stay away.

Personally, I do forecasting before going with a merchant. Let's say I want to work with Amazon. I figure out how much they pay (it's 4%). I figure out the average value of products that I will be selling (e.g. $200). So, I will be getting $8 from Amazon for each and every sale (plus other products that people buy after browsing my offer). Now if I drive 200 clicks to Amazon for $20, with the conversion rate of 1%, I will be looking at $16 on average.

So my effective earning per click is -$0.02 per click. Don't look now but after 5000 clicks you are losing $100! Now of course, if you convert better than that, let's say 3%, then you are looking at $14 effective EPC or $0.14 per click earning. Multiply that by 5000 and you are looking at $700 profit (before other costs). But you will have this information if you do proper testing. After a few hundred click you will know exactly what your conversion will be and you can even determine the standard deviation that will be acceptable to you.

The moral of story is, don't go after programs just because they pay you $200 per approval. They maybe 10 times worse in converting than a program that pays you $40 per approval. Always test, provide unique value, and you will be on your way.

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