Versatile Pasta and Veef Skillet

Versatile Pasta and Veef Skillet - Hardly any cooking show on the cooking channels goes without highlighting at least one variety of beef recipes. This mouthwatering dish of versatile pasta and beef skillet is one of the best tasting recipes with beef in it.

Beef is one of the most used ingredients in most recipes and once you know how to make it tasty you will join the band wagon.

Versatile Pasta and Veef Skillet

-'' '1 ' lbs of lean ground beef.
-'' '1 small sized can of mushrooms.
-'' '1 large and roughly cut green pepper.
-'' '4 ' 5 cloves of peeled garlic.
-'' '2 medium or 1 large chopped onions.
-'' '2 ' 3 cups of elbow macaroni.
-'' '' cup of ketchup.
-'' '' a tea spoonful of basil.
-'' '' a tea spoonful of oregano.
-'' '' tea spoonful of flakes of hot red pepper to add taste.
-'' 'Salt and pepper.
-'' '1 table spoonful of butter.
-'' '28 oz or 1 large can of diced tomatoes.
-'' '' a cup of Marsala wine.
-'' '1 stalk of thinly sliced celery
-'' ' 2 table spoonfuls of extra virgin olive oil.

-'' 'Saut' the whole garlic cloves, onions, pepper and the celery in a skillet in 1 table spoonful of butter and olive oil.
-'' 'Let the cloves of garlic turn brown on both sides and then crush into the oil with the spikes of a fork. This action gives the saut' a roasted, smooth flavor of garlic. Make sure that the garlic does not turn brown.
-'' 'Remove the contents of the pan in a bowl and put them aside. This is after the edges of the onions have turned brown.
-'' 'Using the same skillet over high heat, cook the ground beef in the left over olive oil as you stir frequently. This is till it becomes brown.
-'' 'Drain the pan so that the hamburger stays dry when you are half way through the process of cooking so that the beef does not get steamed.
-'' 'You may add olive oil as the contents in the skillet dry.
-'' 'As the beef turns completely brown, you may deglaze the pan by adding the Marsala wine and stirring up the brown parts from the lower side.
-'' 'Lower the heat to the lowest that is possible.
-'' 'Swirl in the tomatoes that you sliced with all the juices from them.
-'' 'Put in the ' tea spoonful of oregano as well as the ' a tea spoon of basil you had in your ingredients. Ensure that you use the herbs which are fresh when you can get them and double the rations.
-'' 'Add in the ketchup into the dish.
-'' 'Simmer it over relatively low heat and keep on stirring for around 30 minutes or till the vegetables get soft but not squishy.
-'' 'Cover the skillet halfway by slanting the cover.
-'' 'You may boil and drain the macaroni as specified in the instructions on the packet for the time being.
-'' 'After the time you allocated (30 minutes) passes, you may put in the mushrooms as well as the pasta that you cooked into the combination ground beef mix and the tomatoes which are all in the skillet.
-'' 'You can then season the dish with salt, pepper and the flakes of hot red pepper.
-'' 'Let it sit on the flame for another 2 ' 3 minutes so that the mushrooms can get warm and then serve.
There are several variations of the versatile which includes dividing and serving the mixture of meat and vegetables at different times and using any one of the subsequent ideas so as to offer your guests or family a whole new meal. Simply put, it makes wonderful leftovers.
-'' 'Leave out the flakes of red pepper and use a small sized can of tomatoes that are sliced and 1 cupful of placid salsa. This is in instead of using a 28 oz can.
-'' 'Leave out the oregano as well as the basil and instead substitute with seasoning of taco.
-'' 'Leave out the pasta too and put in 1 can of black beans, chili beans or red kidney beans. You may also make do with serving it simply as it is over rice.
-'' 'This meal serves 3 ' 4 people.

Versatile pasta and beef skillet is one of the most scrumptious dishes that will really get your taste buds going. You and your family or guests will fall head over heels with this tasty meal. It is also quite simple to conjure and cleaning up after the preparation of this beef recipe is not so hectic.

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