Magic Tuna Fish Salad Sandwiches

Magic Tuna Fish Salad Sandwiches - There are several versions of this dish on cooking channels that are quite as lip smacking as this one. However, this fish recipe of magic tuna fish salad sandwiches has a certain twist to it and you will surely enjoy it as much as any superb meal you have ever enjoyed.

Magic Tuna Fish Salad Sandwiches

-'' '1 cupful of shoots of beans.
-'' '1 medium sized cucumber.
-'' 'Two tuna fish cans that are set in their preserving water.
-'' '1 bunch of emerald colored onions.
-'' '3 pieces of pepper- preferably jalapeno pepper.
-'' 'Around 5 slices of bread ' preferably whole wheat
-'' 'A handful of lettuce leaves (romaine).
-'' '1 cupful of fair colored mushrooms.
-'' '1 midsized, bright red tomato.
-'' '3 table spoonfuls of genuine mayo- try and avoid substitutes. You may prepare the dish with using fat free mayonnaise if you are apprehensive of either fat or calories.
-'' 'Some cheese- either Romano or Parmesan cheese will do, although you can also crown the dish with a few other types of cheese like Monterey Jack or cheddar cheese.

-'' 'Split the mushrooms and green onions into small portions with a knife and then put them out of the way.
-'' 'Starting from the top of the jalapenos, carve them right down the mid section from the tip to the bottom and then get rid of the kernels.
-'' ' Divide them up into tiny pieces and then put them to the side.
-'' 'Slice the cucumber after peeling it and then segment the tomatoes into slices and keep them away at the side and not together with the other vegetables.
-'' 'Use a big sized basin to comprehensively combine 2 cans of tuna that has been sapped off with 3 table spoons of mayonnaise and then put in the shoots of beans and the jalapenos as well as the emerald colored onions and the mushrooms and then swirl till they all become a total mixture of mayo and tuna fish.
-'' 'Envelop the whole wheat bread by spooning the mixture uniformly and then crown it using broken up leaves of lettuce, carvings of tomato, cheese and also some pieces of sliced cucumber and then finally cover with another cut of wheat bread.
-'' 'You may then incise them in a slanting manner and then serve the sandwiches with a pickle that you have sliced.

Magic tuna fish salad sandwiches are a masterpiece creation made from tuna. The sandwiches may be served as snacks for everyone and you just rest assured that they will not have any single complaint regarding the sandwiches. These fish recipe is not called magic sandwich for nothing since it has a magical taste.

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