Fried Chicken (Like KFC)

Unlike all the chicken recipes on the various cooking channels, the fried chicken KFC style is the most liked and adored by all age sets. The stance of the chicken fried in the following procedure is so nice that it makes all people salivate as soon as they either see or smell it.

Fried Chicken (Like KFC)

-'' '1 tea spoonful of paprika.
-'' '1 tea spoonful of bouillon chicken cube.
-'' '1 tea spoonful of black pepper.
-'' '2 well beaten eggs.
-'' '2 cupfuls of milk.
-'' '' a tea spoonful of salt.
-'' '1 tea spoonful of garlic powder.
-'' '1 tea spoonful of freshly sliced parsley.
-'' '1 tea spoonful of soy sauce.
-'' 'A full frying chicken well cut in to pieces.
-'' '1 cup of flour.
-'' '1 cupful of fine bread crumbs.
-'' '1 tea spoonful of onion powder.
-'' '1 tea spoonful of Wondra flour as extra flour for a different part of pre-coating.
-'' '7 cups of peanut oil or non-hydrogenated Crisco oil.

-'' 'Heat the cooking fat in a pressure fryer or a pan for deep frying to standardized heat of about 360' Fahrenheit
-'' 'Pour in to a small bowl soy sauce, milk, and the beaten egg to create a mixture. In addition, whisk in the chicken bouillon cubes.
-'' 'Add garlic cloves which have been pressed through a garlic press and mix with the above egg mixture. Mix the concoction with one table spoonful of Wondra flour and half parsley after blending well.
-'' 'In a different container, mix the one cup of flour and the bread crumbs with all the rest of the remaining ingredients using a fork to get fine results.
-'' 'Have an extra half cup of flour on a different bowl to be used to dip the chicken pieces just before dipping in the seasonings and milk.
-'' 'Ensure you roll each piece of chicken well until it is well covered first in plain flour, then afterwards dip in to the milk mixture and finally in to flour and bread crumbs mixture.
-'' 'Start by adding the larger pieces first in to the hot oil to fry allowing the chicken to turn in to a golden brown color.

There are various ways of deep frying. These are some methods of frying chicken in a pressure fryer:

Ordinarily for around three minutes, put the lid on top of the pressure cooker and lock it when the chicken is still light golden in color. After the gauge has indicated the pressure of 5 ' 6 pounds, you can start timing. After bringing up the temperature, do not leave the cooking venue and you must be careful.

After seven minutes remove the pressure cooker from the flame and reduce the pressure as per the manufactures directions. Place the chicken pieces on layers of paper towels as you remove them from the pan. Increase the temperature upon returning the pan on to the flame until all the pieces of the chicken are fried.

If the chicken was already brown, cook only for a minute or less but cook for a little longer if it is not brown enough. Put enough chicken pieces at time but do not put a lot of pieces at time as this reduces the temperature down very fast and causes the pieces to absorb more cooking fat than it normally does.

Regular deep frying:

The temperature for frying the chicken is normally from 360'-375' Fahrenheit. Put the larger pieces when the temperature is slightly lower, for, if you put many pieces together the temperature will drop. The smaller pieces of chicken are put when the temperature is higher and they will cook much faster. When the chicken turns golden brown, remove and sap the oil with paper towels.

Cooks Tip: The oil can be flavored by adding thick slices of onions to it before the chicken pieces are put in it to deep fry. After turning brown, skim them out just before adding the chicken for frying. There must be an additional flavor to the oil!

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