Fish Recipes New England Clam Chowder

Fish Recipes New England Clam Chowder - This dish is one of the old fashioned bona fide versions of Cape Cod of the New England clam chowder and is a really hearty meal for people who may be residing in areas that have harsh climatic conditions.

Fish recipes are shown on several cooking channels that describe quite a number of other mouth watering recipes.

Fish Recipes New England Clam Chowder

-'' '2 quarts of steamed Little Neck clams with the liquor reserved.
-'' '' lb of salt pork.
-'' '1 ' 2 lbs of sweet corn- frozen.
-'' '2 slices of thick bacon (optional).
-'' '3 cloves of garlic.
-'' '3 ' 4 lbs of peeled potatoes.
-'' '3 sliced large sized sweet onions.
-'' '4 table spoons of minced fresh parsley.
-'' '2 bay leaves ' whole.
-'' '' a gallon of milk.
-'' '1 pint of full cream.
-'' '1 stick of butter
-'' '3 ' 4 table spoons of flour.
-'' 'A pinch of celery seeds.
-'' '2 ' 3 stalks with bottle green tops of celery.
-'' '1 table spoonful of olive oil.
-'' '1 finely cut up leek or 2 ' 3 green onions (optional).
-'' 'Paprika to taste.
-'' 'Salt and pepper to ad taste.
-'' '1 quart of water or clam broth.
-'' 'Wash the clams well as you scrub the shells.
-'' 'In case you are using clams that are dug up freshly, sprinkle the cleaned clams using corn meal the nighttime before and let them be free of sand by keeping them refrigerated.
-'' 'A day prior to cooking the chowder clean and steam and shuck up sufficient clams so that you may have at least 2 quarts of clams (the more you have the better).
-'' 'Keep aside the liquor (the broth you get from steaming the clam) from the clam.
-'' 'Store the cooked clams in the fridge in their own liquor.
-'' 'Get the base of the chowder ready in the mean time.
-'' 'With a very sharp knife, you may slice the salt pork, of which the pancetta may be replaced, into a 1/8 inch dice. This ought to include the rind.
-'' 'Put the salt pork into a pan at the lowest setting of heat using a big stockpot.
-'' 'Put in the chopped bacon and let nit cook for 15 minutes over low heat. This lets the salt pork to render.
-'' 'Get it off from the heat and let it stay for 15 minutes
-'' 'Put in the olive oil and 1 table spoonful of butter as you keep the left over butter for later on.
-'' 'Saut' the thinly sliced celery as you keep aside the green celery for later on. Saut' also the sliced onion into the rendered bacon and the salt pork till the onions acquire color. Put in the garlic that you minced as you are about to complete the process of browning.
-'' 'Put in the water or clam liquor as you scrape the bits of onion that turned brown at the bottom of the pan.
-'' 'Add in a pinch of celery seeds as well as 2 whole leaves of bay.
-'' 'Add in the leeks or the green onions and simmer for 15 minutes.
-'' 'Cut the potatoes into one inch cubes after washing and peeling them and then put them in to the pan and boil for around 30 seconds and then reduce the heat so that it simmers.
-'' 'You may make the chowder thicker by putting in a minimal amount of Wondra flour, all purpose flour or a couple of table spoonfuls of corn starch into a cupful of cold broth. As you put in the thickeners, you ought to ensure that you allow for at least 30 minutes of cooking time so as to avoid that uncooked taste that flour can sometimes acquire.
-'' 'If you like chowder that is thicker you ought to keep in mind that cream or milk will still be put into the dish later on and you would be better off putting in more than you feel you may require balancing.
-'' 'You may check on the potatoes after a period of around 20 to 30 minutes to see if they are soft.
-'' 'When the potatoes are almost ready, you may add in the frozen corn. Make sure that you use good quality frozen corn. If you decide to use the sweeter type, you ought to know that it will improve the general chowder flavor.
-'' 'Swirl in the strained liquor of the clam as well as the clams and avoid pouring in the bottom layer of the liquor since it has grains of sand which you would like to avoid.
-'' 'Pour in cream and milk according to your taste but remember that if you want richer chowder, you ought to use more cream than milk.
-'' 'Simmer the dish for another 20 minutes and then add in chopped leaves of green celery,' the left over butter, minced parsley and the salt and pepper to add taste
-'' 'Remember to remove the bay leaves. Do not let them make it to the table.
-'' 'When the clams get heated through and the butter melts you can serve in warmed up bowls decorated with fresh parsley and sprinkled with paprika.
-'' 'As an added traditional complement, you may throw in some milk crackers.


Some variations of this dish may include adding clam base which is found at supply stores for restaurants so as to attain additional flavor to the soup. This is mostly when you cannot find clam broth.

You may also add big chunks of either lobster or white fish when you have around 20 minutes to finish preparing the meal. This is on top or instead of the clams for sea food chowder. You can also try out another variation by using broccoli as a replacement or corn when it is in season.

New England clam chowder is one of the finest meals that you can make from fish. This meal of fish recipe makes a filling meal that you will not want to stay for long without trying it again. It is a really good treat for you and your family or guests and has nutrients that are good for your health.

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