Fairhaven Fish Chowder

Fairhaven Fish Chowder - This fish recipe has been among the most famous dishes since the early 1800's and is still the same up to this decade.

The cooking channel can prove this. It has been a delicacy that nobody dares to forget because of its high nutrients. Whether prepared during summer or winter in a stove or gas grill it's still very good and tasty. It can be prepared two days earlier and still retain it's to taste.

Fairhaven Fish Chowder

-'' '1 whole bay leaf.
-'' '5 soda crackers.
-'' '3 lbs of halibut, haddock, cod and hake.
-'' 'Pepper and salt for taste.
-'' '1 table spoonful of sage.
-'' '1 quart of well sliced potatoes.
-'' '1 table spoonful of thyme.
-'' '2 cups of canned, well cut tomatoes.
-'' '1 lb of lean sliced and salted pork.
-'' '1 tea spoonful of marjoram.
-'' '' tea spoonful of ground cloves.

-'' 'Boil the fish in salted water using a large pot or pan and leave it to cool.
-'' 'In case the fish has skin and bones get rid of them and keep the cooking water and set the fish to the side.
-'' 'Peel and cut potatoes into ' inch cubes and boil in the same water that was set aside after cooking the fish. Make sure the potatoes do not overcook so as not to become soggy.
-'' 'Using a meat food processor or hatchet, grind the pork and cut in to nice slices. You can also just use a normal sharp nice to cut in to ' inch cubes.
-'' 'Deep fry the pork in a skillet to a point when it's golden brown in color.
-'' 'While still frying add well chopped and ground onions and garlic to cook for a few minutes not allowing to brown.
-'' 'Add the above mixture to the potatoes in the cooking pan
-'' 'Remove the skin from the fresh tomatoes and add. Simmer for about 2 minutes and then add the flaked fish. Continue simmering for more 5 minutes as you season with salt, paprika and salt to taste.
-'' 'Crush the soda crackers in to pieces and shake over all the seasoning you put.
-'' 'When it is ready you can serve around six people

Cook's Note: To get more flavors, you can add a few peppercorns, 1 bay leaf, and two of minced garlic while frying the onions. It's preferable to only use ' tea spoonful of marjoram and thyme besides the amount in the recipe ingredients above.

There is no healthier or tastier fish recipe than this one. Fairhaven was long ago a port that became a home for all ship captains and ship owners because of this delicacy. The Fairhaven fish chowder is the most enjoyed fish recipe of the century. Everybody enjoys eating it.

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