Easy Beef Rouladen - The Tastiest Recipes

Easy Beef Rouladen - The Tastiest Recipes - This is one of the special beef recipes on the cooking channel. The easy beef rouladen like its name is easy to make and very tasty.

The ingredients are easily available thus very easy and quick to make for everybody to enjoy at home. Even bachelors can follow the procedure to cook it easily.

Easy Beef Rouladen

-'' '3 tins of beefy mushroom soup.
-'' '7 slices of raw bacon.
-'' '6 tea spoonfuls of yellow (not brown) mustard.
-'' 'A cup full of freshly chopped parsley.
-'' '5 pieces of minced cloves and garlic.
-'' 'Onion powder for sprinkling.
-'' 'Salt, garlic and pepper.
-'' '2 big onions, diced in to thin slices.
-'' 'A bouillon cube of beef.
-'' 'Thin slices of 5 beef sirloin tips or top round steak.
-'' '1soup can of water.
-'' '6 dill pickles of sandwich toppers.

-'' 'Either use round steak likened to the one used to make bracciola or thin slices of beef by thumping between waxed paper to get a thickness of around'' ' inch chunks.
-'' 'Using salt, garlic powder, onion powder and salt, season the meat on both sides. Don't use too much of the powders.
-'' 'Make a paste from parsley and garlic sliced thinly and mixed.
-'' 'On each of the five thin beef steaks, you can then spread ' tea spoonfuls of prepared yellow mustard followed by the paste from garlic and parsley mixed together, the dill pickle sandwich topper and some slices of onion.
-'' 'Keeping the contents intact inside, roll up the beef jell-roll style and wrap with a slice of uncooked bacon.
-'' 'Prick with a wooden toothpick piece through the roll to hold together the contents.
-'' 'Stir to mix one tin of soup with beef bouillon cube and water in a casserole dish.
-'' 'In the casserole dish place the rolls side by side and put on top, the left over soup concoction.
-'' 'Lay on top of the left over slices of bacon across the top.
-'' 'Use either aluminum paper foil or a lid to cover the casserole dish and bake for one hour twenty minutes at 325' Fahrenheit.
-'' 'Increase the oven temperature to 375' Fahrenheit and remove the cover and bake for fifteen more minutes until evenly browned on the boundaries and bubbly.
-'' 'This filling dish can serve around seven people.

Tip: Don't open oven door to cool the oven when removing foil or cover. Always be weary of this.

The above beef recipe is the best in the world. It takes less than two hours to achieve the expected results of a scrumptious meal that serves quite a number of people. The procedure can easily be followed since the ingredients are very practical which makes them easily available in all stores.

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