Chicken & Vegetable Egg Rolls- The Tastiest Recipes

Chicken and Vegetable Egg Rolls - The most amazing and tantalizing chicken recipe on the cooking channel is the chicken and vegetable rolls. It is a very delicious meal that everyone will enjoy any time of the day.

It can be eaten in a picnic or even while travelling with your family. It is a health conscious meal that is very well balanced too.

Chicken & Vegetable Egg Rolls- The Tastiest Recipes

-'' '1 minced clove garlic.
-'' '2 tablespoon of oil.
-'' '2 tablespoons of soy sauce.
-'' '3 small cups full of fresh spinach leaves.
-'' '1 cup of thin diced green onion pieces.
-'' '1 cup of dried mushrooms.
-'' '1 can of 16-oz of drained bean sprouts.
-'' '1split skinless breast of chicken.
-'' '1 tea spoonful of sugar.
-'' '2 tea spoonfuls of cornstarch.
-'' '1 tea spoonful of salt.
-'' '12 egg rolls of skins.
-'' 'Oil for deep frying the chicken.
-'' '1 tea spoonful of well grated ginger root.
-'' '1 cup full of well thin sliced bamboo shoots.

-'' 'Put the mushrooms in water for half an hour to soak in order to remove all the dirt in the stems. Then after drain and slice well in to pieces.
-'' 'Before stir frying the chicken and garlic in the too hot oil for around two minutes, the chicken has to be cut in to small pieces for filling
-'' 'Mix soy sauce with cornstarch and blend well into each other.
-'' 'Beat in well the ginger root, sugar and salt.
-'' 'Mix all the mixed ingredients in to the chicken, cook while stirring until its thick then leave it to cool down.
-'' 'Holding the egg roll with a point facing toward you, put a 1 cup full filling crosswise and slightly below the middle of the skin.
-'' 'Fold the lower part tip above the filling and tuck the tip beneath the filling
-'' 'Keep folding the corners above the filling until you form an envelope shape to roll up
-'' 'With the hot oil heated up to 365' for around 4 minutes, put the egg rolls to fry until they turn to golden brown color.
-'' 'Thereafter drain on paper towels to dry of oil.
-'' 'Ready to serve.

The preceding procedure is one of the simplest chicken recipes with all the ingredients being readily available in all stores in your area. The product that is served really looks appetizing and even the invalids will be attracted to want more of it. You will eat to your fill and still request for more.

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