Chicken, Ham and Mushroom Pie

Chicken, Ham and Mushroom Pie - Preparation of a chicken, ham and mushroom pie is quite an exhilarating experience to go through'if one goes according to the various recipes that are shown on any cooking channel.

If you follow this chicken recipe, you will produce the tastiest pie that you will ever come across. Though the preparation is slightly tedious, you will never regret having gone through the experience.

Chicken, Ham and Mushroom Pie

1 pie offers 6 servings which you will require the following ingredients;
- 1 chopped up 3 ' lbs of frying chicken.
- 3 cupfuls of either chicken broth or water.
- ' lb of thinly diced mushrooms.
- 1 or 2 finely minced leaves of sage.
- ' a cup of defrosted frozen peas.
- 1 leaf of bay.
- ' a cup of ham (diced).
- 1 clove of chopped up garlic.
- ' tea spoon of salt.
- 3 table spoons of flour- all purpose.
- 1 sliced carrot of standard size.
- A dash each of pepper as well as nutmeg.
- ' tea spoon of thyme leaves- dried.
- 1 stalk of roughly cut celery
- 2 well cut up onions.
- ' a cup of somewhat softened butter.
- A pinch of onion powder.

- If you are using ham, simmer it in a deep bottomed together with half of the onion in a tea spoon of butter. This is until the onion turns golden along the sides but not exactly brown.
- Saut' for 1 minute after adding the garlic that is minced.
- Pour in the broth or the water, pepper, celery, bay leaf, carrot thyme as well as the nutmeg.
- Do not boil, but simmer over low heat while keeping it covered. This is until the chicken gets soft and tender. This may take about 20 minutes. The length of the process of simmering is mostly established by the age of the chicken.
- Get the chicken out of the pot with a slotted spoon once it gets cooked and then put it aside to cool to the right temperature that will let you de-bone it. De-bone the chicken and then put it back into the cooking pot.
- Once you have got the chicken out of the pot, you can turn up the heat to high so that it may boil off and evaporate the liquid by around half of the original volume. You may put in more vegetables into the broth at this point in time if you see the need for having additional vegetables in the pot pie. This may include chunks of celery, carrots, small white onions cut into half, small diced potatoes and any more vegetables that you may have and want to add in. this all make superb additions and will also help you stretch your budget. Your pot pie will also be remarkably tasty.
- In the mean time, you can mix together the flour and the butter. Keep rubbing them together until they get smooth.
- Melt this mixture into the broth of the chicken that you are simmering so as to make it thicker.
- Rub the leaf of sage till it becomes a fine powder and then add this to the broth.
- Once the broth gets thicker, you may remove it from the flame.
- Cool down the whole concoction before you add it to the pie.
- Prepare the crust of the pie as shown below*.
- Line a pan used for cooking pies with the crust that is rolled out and fill it up with cooled and cooked chicken and vegetables.
- Put in the thinly sliced and well cleaned mushrooms.
- Put in a tiny portion of the broil you thickened earlier all over the mixture. It should be just enough to form gravy but not soup.
- Sprinkle the contents with salt, pepper and onion powder slightly.
- Top it with the second crust of the pie and then crimp the edges and seal. You may also flute it if you feel like doing so.
- You can then garnish the top with small bits of cookie cutters if you want.
- Cut a sort of vent in the middle so that you may let steam out.
- Brush the pie top with either egg wash or cream if you desire to have the effect of extra sheen.
- Bake in the oven at 375' Fahrenheit. This is till the pie acquires a golden brown color and the gravy starts bubbling from the ventilation in the middle. This ought to be after around 40 minutes.
- If the pie starts browning too quickly, you may guard the sides of the pie with foil preferably aluminum foil.
* Making the whole wheat pastry.
Mix together:
- 1 tea spoonful of salt.
- 1 ' cups of all purpose flour.
- ' a cup of whole or whole white wheat flour.
Then chop in the following:
- 3 table spoonfuls of Parmesan cheese.
- 2/3 cupful of firm butter.
When it gets crumbly, you can mix in the following:
- 2 tea spoonfuls of lemon juice.
- 2 yolks of egg. Keep the white.
- 1 tea spoonful of salt.
Mix them together till the whole thing holds firmly together and the cut it into 2 parts and then make each one into the shape of a ball and then wrap up and keep in the refrigerator for around 20 minutes.

You can then roll them into a circle of about 10 inches and then fit them into a pan that has a span of 9 inches at the bottom.
Roll out the second crust for the top. It sure is one great chicken recipe.

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