3 Good Reasons You Need A BSN Degree

As an RN, you know that qualified nurses are in demand. However, what you may not know is that getting your BSN degree can have enormous benefits for your nursing career.

There are three normal education paths that a nursing student can take: an associate degree, offered by a community college, a three year diploma or the Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

While these are all great career paths to choose there are three good reasons you should consider getting your BSN degree.

3 Good Reasons You Need A BSN Degree

More Opportunities

Because you have a broader education and incorporate management and leadership knowledge, employers will be much more willing to hire you, or to put you into a higher position.

In some facilities, like Magnet facilities, having a BSN degree is required before you can move on to a managerial role within the organization.

However, no matter what the policies of your particular organization, advancing to having a BSN will open many doors and present many opportunities to you.

You Can Advance Your Chosen Specialty

Basically, you move from the technical aspects of nursing to the professional level of nursing care.

That means that if you are already working in a specialization like cardiac care, neonatology or ICU, you will be able to move much farther in those specializations, and if you aren't currently working in the specialty that you want, you will have a much greater chance of landing that career opportunity.

You Will Be In High Demand

The largest number of nurses graduate from associate degree programs. In fact 59% of nurses graduate from those programs, and 37% from baccalaureate programs. Diploma programs only make up 4% of nursing graduates.

This means that because you have a wide base of knowledge and assessment and clinical skills, you are indispensable when it comes to the nursing profession.

A BSN degree will allow you to find a job anywhere you like, and even when others are having trouble finding work, you will be at the top of the pile when the employer goes through the list of resumes.

The fact is, that when you are in the nursing profession, any sort of advantage you can give yourself is worth it, and a BSN degree is one of the best ways to improve your marketability in the job-seeking world, a sure-fire way to earn that promotion, advancement or raise at work, and make sure that whatever type of career you want to pursue in nursing, you have the ability to do it.

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