10 Tips For Burning Calories

10 Tips For Burning Calories

10 Tips For Burning Calories

1.'Move more.'The most effective method for speeding up the metabolism is the movement.'Not only has the effect heavy workout.'Suffice it to avoid prolonged sitting, which slows metabolism.'Climb stairs, walk the dog '.

2.'Accumulate muscle mass.'The greater your muscle mass is, the more energy burned without even moving.'Muscles burn more calories than fat.'Combine calorie burning power with exercises for muscle development.

3.'Play fartleg.'If you run try to do it the principle of fartleg.'The idea is to use the uneven terrain in order to accelerate and calm pulse as eg high intensity running up the hill and down and draw Bagan slowly and calmly.'Tiring, but so does the method burn many calories.

4.'Eat right after training.'If you want to further accelerate weight loss, avoid sweets and chocolate immediately after training.'Although glycogen after training on empty does not mean that should be filled with sugar immediately after training.'Better eat a banana or cocoa piite skimmed milk.'This kind of energy charge and also supports the restoration will protect you from inappropriate purchases on the way home.'In the hours after exercise metabolism is increased, the body automatically driven recovery processes to be ready for the next workout.'You can help this process by supplying them with appropriate and healthy food.'If you delay taking food will slow and the restitution (restoration) and instead of the normal 12-24 hours it may take up to 2 days before the body is ready for the next workout.

5.'Separate training in small portions.'In the hours after exercise remained strong body burns calories.'Therefore, the more training the more time intensive sledtrenirovachno combustion have.'So if time allows Separate biggest workout in small portions.

6.'Increase intensity.'Running is good.'But variations involving more hands also are recommended.'Example drive roller skiing.

7.'Eat frequent and small.'If you want to lose weight is not a good idea to drastically reduce calories, because it will adversely affect your workouts.'Instead, eat small meals often contain less protein and more carbohydrates.'Orientation Take 8 grams carbohydrates and 0.8 to 1.2 g protein per kg weight per day (1.2 -1.5 g if you have very intense workouts).

8.'Compete.'A little friendly competition will make your workout more intense because they stimulate each other.'Mix in the routing and pacing.

9.'Beware of hard training.'Of course, the more frequent and more intense exercise, the more calories forests.'But be careful not to over-training because your body will not be able to recover as a result rather than improve, it will worsen their overall form and presentation.'If you train hard several consecutive days training must be varied.

10.'Take training as an investment.'On the one hand will melt slaninkite.'The other will load with energy and improve mood and self-esteem.

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