1 Fad Diet You Should Avoid To Be Healthier

One of the most worrying and disconcerting trends of our modern living is the ever increasing power and influence that fad eating plans have over us. Despite the best efforts of medical professionals across the world, many of us still choose to follow such diets. Dangerous in the extreme, typically relying on erroneous information which has been compiled in a flawed manner, these fad diets have become commonplace in our society with devastating results.

1 Fad Diet You Should Avoid To Be Healthier

Another worrying pattern that has been noted in regards to these fad diets is that despite the fact that they have been proven to have little positive or tangible results in terms of genuine weight loss, people still subscribe to them.

The following is an overview of one of the most controversial and prevailing fad diets that remain to this day.

Cabbage Soup Diet

The cabbage soup diet has been lambasted in the media after a concerted effort by medical practitioners across the world to finally dispel any sort of belief in the mind of the public at large this diet plan provided any sort of genuine results.

The defining feature of the cabbage soup diet is that it promises the dieter that they will be able to enjoy a significant amount of weight loss in a short period of time, if they follow the guidance and instructions of the eating plan exactly.

One of the sharpest criticisms that have been aimed at the cabbage soup diet has been that it makes unrealistic and overly ambitious weight loss claims. Specifically, according to the marketers responsible for the promotion of this eating regime, the dieter will be able to lose around 10 lbs per week.

This claim has been sharply challenged by nutritionists and dieticians who argue that such weight loss is unsustainable. Even if that level of weight was indeed achievable, it would not be fat that would be lost, but rather, water deposits around the body.

The fact that the weight loss is primarily derived from the evaporation of water reserves around the body, this directly means that the weight loss achieved is not actually permanent.

One of the most damning criticisms that have been aimed towards the cabbage soup eating plan has been the total blanket prohibition on protein intake. This is especially concerning given that around 15% of all our dietary energy is derived from protein. In addition, protein is needed because it contains a series of essential amino acids chains which the body cannot synthesize itself.

Therefore, relying on the cabbage soup eating plan directly places the dieter in a state of risk and potential malnutrition.

This eating plan has also been subject to criticism on a more logistical level, due to the extremely unpleasant and bland nature of the diet. Forced to eat the same food over and over, with little variation, many people report that they struggle to keep up with the diet simply out of pure and absolute boredom. The fact that the diet has a high salt content to mask the taste is also of concern.

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